• Do you want to confidently sell yourself to potential employers, with a resume and LinkedIn profile you are proud of?

  • Are you sick of wasting time trying to do it yourself?

  • Are you applying for your dream job and don't want to risk missing out on an interview?

  • Do you need to respond to the key selection criteria but don't know how?

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I love the feeling I get when my clients tell me they got the job!

Rescue my Resume can help you if you:


  • are stuck in a career rut and need a change.

  • want to apply for a promotion but don't feel confident.

  • have multiple resumes for your various careers and want to consolidate them.

  • have a really long resume and don't know what to cull.

  • don't know how to represent periods of leave and part-time work.

  • are applying for jobs but not getting interviews.

  • aren't quite sure what a modern resume looks like and how long it should be.

  • have a resume that doesn't highlight your skills and achievements.

  • have a resume that doesn't have a strong professional profile.​

  • are not really sure about LinkedIn.

Do you want a resume that wins you interviews?

We are passionate about working with people to help them really sell themselves in their job applications. Too often people underplay their skills and achievements in their resume and cover letter. Resumes are often confusing, too long, overly detailed or in an old fashioned format. People don't really know where to start and feel overwhelmed! But we can help.


You will meet with your resume writer (Emma or Rachel) for an in depth consultation. This is so that we can really get to know your career history. We workshop your skills, achievements and professional profile at this meeting.

We then write your new resume (and cover letter and LinkedIn profile depending on your package), removing your pain of having to write the job application. However we'll ensure your application still sounds like you!


We always incorporate the job key selection criteria into each job application resume and cover letter. 

So not only do we do all the work for you, you will most likely get an interview for your next dream job! The bonus interview tip sheet plus optional interview coaching (package add-on) will then help you to shine in the job interview.


So are you ready for a career change with minimal stress?

Clients really appreciate the one-on-one consultation (now held via Zoom).




A get to know you, obligation-free chat

After you contact us we’ll call you for a chat to help us understand your background and goals. We’ll discuss the best package option for you, make sure we can work to your job application deadline, and book in a time for your consultation if you decide to go ahead.



Once we’ve locked in a time you send us your current resume, cover letter and a job/position description so that we can get started on your new resume and prepare for your consultation. We’ll have a rough draft of your new resume ready at your consultation to help guide the session.


In-depth consultation

In this session (online via Zoom) we’ll deep dive into your career history, establish and flesh out your key skills, workshop your key achievements and draft a professional profile. This will ensure we have all the information needed to write your new resume (and cover letter and KSC response, depending on your package).

Your consultation goes for 1.5 - 2 hours, which probably sounds long, but there will be a LOT to talk about! (We often find people love talking about their resumes and career journey, but actually writing a job application is their worst nightmare!)


Resume, Cover Letter and Key Selection Criteria response

After your consultation we then do all the work for you and write your new, modern, professional resume (and cover letter and KSC response depending on your package), which will be tailored for one job. This will be emailed to you within 3 working days of your consultation, usually sooner.


2 x revisions and full email support

After you’ve received the first draft you’ll need to provide input to answer any questions and to make sure you are happy  - we want to make sure you are comfortable with the language/tone and ensure your voice is heard! After this we'll revise the resume and cover letter (version 2) and then we both do an edit (version 3). By this stage your job application will be ready to submit! (Further versions can be completed if necessary - we want you to be happy.)


Fast turn-around times

We turnaround the first draft within a three working days of your consultation, usually two days. The whole process is usually complete within a week following your consultation, assuming you return the documents (each version) within a day or so. If you have short deadline for a job application, make sure you ask if we can work to that deadline when you first contact us.


LinkedIn Profile

Once you are totally happy with your resume, we create or update your LinkedIn profile, ensuring it is key word optimised so you’ll get picked up in recruitment searches.



Job Applications 101 tip sheets

You’ll receive a suite of tip sheets on what a great resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile looks like. This is just for information though – as we do all the work for you!

Step-by-Step guide for tailoring future job applications

At your consultation we’ll walk you through the how-to guide for tailoring your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for other job applications. It’s a simple step-by-step process that will make any future job application a breeze!

Bonus Interview tip sheet

It’s pretty likely that you’ll get the job interview, so the job interview tips will help you get the job!

Access to Interview Coaching

To really make sure you nail the job interview, we also offer very reasonably priced interview coaching.


What kind of people get the best results working with you?

We work best with tertiary qualified professionals in any industry or sector, and specialise in writing applications that require specific responses to the key selection criteria, such as government, universities, and NGOs.

However we have worked with clients from many different industries in a vast range of roles. Some recent examples of clients include: Senior Program/Unit Manager, Accountant, Director, Lawyer, Policy Officer, Research and Evaluation Analyst, Project Manager, Event Manager, Sales/Business Development Manager, Office Manager, Curator, Film and TV Producer, Grant Writer, Student Advice Manager, Graduate Nurse, Payroll Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Environmental Scientist, Administration Officer, Teacher, Leading Teacher, Environmental Scientist, Data Analyst, General Manager, Community Engagement + Education Specialist, Capability + Performance Specialist, Customer Service Officer.

How do I know if I’m ready to work with you?

If you are ready to take the leap and leave your current job (or are being forced to re-apply for your role due to a restructure or redundancy) or simply want to start focusing on your career progression, you need us! Your new suite of job application documents will ensure get an interview for your next dream job, and you’ll also have the know-how to apply for any future promotions or job opportunities.

Are key selection criteria responses included in the package?

If you require a direct/specific response to the Key Selection Criteria, you will need to purchase The Rescue Package. All other packages will incorporate high level KSCs but won't specifically respond to each KSC in detail.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will come away with a modern, professional resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that is tailored for a particular job. I’ll also teach you how to tailor it for future job applications.

Many of my clients get a job interview  (although I obviously can't guarantee you will!) - the job applications really spell out to the potential employer why you are perfect for the job.

What are your turnaround times?

The process is normally completed within a week of your consultation; however, this will depend on how quickly you return your feedback on each draft. If you require a short turnaround due to a job application deadline, please contact us prior to purchase to ensure we can meet the deadline. We are often booked up so it's best to book in your consultation early. 

How is working with you different from working with other resume writing services?

  • We offer a premium service where we really get to know you and your career history, skills and achievements to craft a tailored full job application suitable for the Australian market.

  • We incorporate key selection criteria into all aspects of your job application documents.

  • Our hours are flexible. We can work around your work hours and job application deadlines. We meet most clients at a café on their lunch breaks or day off, and can offer after hours appointments.


How much work do I need to do?

Not much! We do all of the hard work for you.

All you need to do is send us your existing resume and cover letter prior to your consultation, then answer the questions at your consultation!

We then write the documents for you. You’ll also need to edit/provide input into each of the drafts so that the final product is perfect.


How much do you charge? Do you offer payment plans?

Please see the Packages page for prices.

Most packages can be paid in 2 x monthly instalments, with the first paid prior to your consultation and the second instalment payable 28 days after the first.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the enormous amount of time that we put into each application, we don’t offer refunds.

However, we pledge to work with you until you are completely happy with the final version of your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile – even if this means doing more than the standard three drafts of the documents.


Thanks for submitting!

Emma or Rachel will be in touch.