VIP Package

VIP Package

Want Emma to sort everything for you? Want a tailored package to suit your needs? Want super fast turnaround times and to feel like a VIP? This package is for you!


  • 2 hour Resume Consultation |  Follow up calls to work through edits
  • Resume | LinkedIn | Cover Letter | Key Selection Criteria
  • Add on 6 hours of coaching/assistance - whatever you need. Examples include interview coaching, interview presentation preparation, career exploration/life coaching work, or tailoring of your application for another role.
  • Includes as many edits as desired and final editing and PDFing of documents ready for submission.


Please read the Terms and Conditions below and contact me prior to purchase to ensure we can work within your job application deadlines.


The package includes:

  • A get to know you phone call.
  • Pre-consultation preparation: You send us your current resume, cover letter and a job/position description so that we can get started on your resume and prepare for your consultation.
  • A 2 hour in-depth consultation where we’ll deep dive into your career history, establish and flesh out your key skills, workshop your key achievements and draft a professional profile. This will ensure we have all the information needed to write your new resume and cover letter.
  • A professionally written, modern resume.
  • A cover letter that incorporates a response to the key selection criteria.
  • If the job application/s require a separate response to the key selection criteria, this is included.
  • As many revisions as required, with edits done either by email or over the phone.
  • A LinkedIn profile that is keyword optimised and suitable for your sector.
  • Fast turnaround times. You'll receive the first draft within two business days. Contact us prior to purchase to ensure I can meet your job application deadline.
  • 6 hours of additional work/coaching, tailored to your needs. See above for examples.
  • Additional Information

    • Emma will work with you for up to a 2 month period from the time of the initial consultation.
    • Follow up edits and queries can be done via email or phone calls until you are happy with the final version.
  • No refunds available

    Due to the enormous amount of time that we put into each application, refunds are not available (except where required by Australian Competition and Conusmer Commission law).

    However, we pledge to work with you until you are completely happy with the final version of your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

  • Timings

    • The first draft of the resume and letter will be provided within two (2) working days following the initial consultation.
    • Subsequent redrafts will be done within (2) working days following receipt of your updates and feedback by email, unless tighter deadlines have been negotiated.
    • The LinkedIn profile will be completed after the resume is finalised.
    • All documents must be finalised within 60 days of the initial consultation. 
    • The additional 6 hours of work or coaching will be negotiated and agreed (in writing) prior to purchase.