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Hi there! I'm Emma.

I'm a Cross-fit obsessed, greyhound loving coffee addict based in Melbourne, Australia.

I started Rescue my Resume in 2018 after I learned how to write a stand-out resume (receiving multiple job offers and compliments on my applications) and I wanted to help other women do the same.

Since then I have helped 450+ professionals create confidence-boosting, contemporary resumes that win jobs.

I love helping my clients identify their unique selling points and career achievements, and weaving these into a resume and LinkedIn profile that really sells them - so that they can win that dream job!

So if you need help articulating what's amazing about you, then getting it down on paper so that an employer is desperate to meet you, you are in the right place!

My background

I founded Rescue my Resume in 2018 and have grown the business from scratch, writing and editing job applications and providing interview coaching for people from a vast range of backgrounds and industries.


In order to help more people, I now support people to write their own resumes and job applications via my online program Not Just a Resume Template.

My professional background is in administration, management, policy and projects in the higher education, government and not-for-profits sectors.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

I have also trained as a life coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and bring this experience to my Zoom consultations.

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