• Image by William Iven


    Senior Finance Manager

    Emma asked smart questions to elicit the information to write a polished CV and LinkedIn profile. When I read the Personal statement and key strengths I felt empowered and that she had nailed it!


    We worked on finessing the information through a series of review sessions, but she was able to take my "brain dumps" and turn them into polished sentences that quickly and easily articulated my skills and what I can offer my organisation. Following the process, I now feel that I can pitch myself more confidently at the more senior level. Thank you.

  • Computer Learning


    Product Specialist Vocational Education

    I needed Rescue my Resume when my workplace announced a restructure and my role was no longer required. Emma supported me in a very precarious time in my career, and helped me make the most of it by showcasing my vast array of skills and knowledge in a shiny new resume and LinkedIn profile.


    The best part was Emma interviewed me to draw out all the things about my work history that I couldn't think of by myself, it was an absolute time-saver having her pull it all together for me. Plus, not only did I gain a fantastic new member of my professional network, but I also got the job!

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    I was looking for advice on how to bring my varied career and roles together into a document that captured who I am and what I can do. It was a great experience. Rachel asked lots of questions, listened carefully and then crafted a document that captured my skills, experience and strengths, focusing on the things I really enjoy and would like to pursue.


    There was plenty of opportunity for input and great feedback on how to get the strongest message across. The end result was a professional document with an up to date Linked In profile reflecting the highlights of my resume. I can recommend this service for your next resume.

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    Local Government Manager

    Prior to engaging the services of Rescue my Resume I was applying for jobs I knew I had the skills and qualifications for but was not even been shortlisted for an interview. Once engaging Emma’s services on my first application I was shortlisted and got to the first stage and interviewed by the recruiter. This went very well, the recruiter was “very impressed” with my application and “could see via my application that [l] had the necessary skills for the role”.


    Through out the interview the recruiter said a number of times how impressive my application was. I had never received this feed back before on my applications.

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    General Manager

    From the first interaction I found Emma entirely focused on me and my current situation and went into great detail getting to know me as a person AND a potential candidate for new roles.


    During out zoom & email sessions, Emma was able to articulate my work history in such a way that it provided some exciting, new, and relevant examples of my career history and experience. It was a great experience, and one which gave me a renewed and fresh approach to job hunting.

  • Image by National Cancer Institute


    Clinical Trials Assistant

    Thanks to Emma, I've gone from a bare minimum LinkedIn profile and not sending any applications because I'm embarrassed by my resume to telling people to look at my LinkedIn and happily handing over a copy of my resume.


    She has given me the needed confidence boost to kickstart my career in Australia in a new field and thanks to her work I have also been able to identify a five-year plan with outlined steps and deadlines, narrowed down to a specific role I want.

  • Analyzing the data


    Finance Industry Manager

    I can't thank Emma enough for helping me with my resume in such a tight timeframe and giving me a confidence boost. It set me on my way with the right mindset to do my best in the interview and follow up chats.

    I got really positive feedback all the way and feel like I am absolutely as capable as she made me look on my resume. I applied for two internal roles and got the one that I really wanted!

  • Open Office Space


    Operations Manager

    I was made redundant (due to Covid) and was really struggling to put my CV together. I was dealing with the shock of redundancy and finding myself unemployed at such a scary time that I just couldn't do it. I wasn't in the right head space to 'sell' myself. I sat at my computer hating myself for not being able to do it for 3 weeks before a friend suggested I needed help. It was the best decision!


    Emma was fantastic to work with. She helped me identify my unique selling points and career achievements which helped build my confidence at a time when I needed it most. My CV is great and I have received some awesome feedback about the layout and content. I couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend Rescue my Resume enough. I have a new, exciting role and it's crazy to think that I have been about to find employment in the middle of a pandemic. I really don't think I would have been able to achieve this without Emma's help.

  • Receptionist


    Executive Assistant

    Emma came highly recommended on a community social media page I am a member of. From our first phone call she was friendly, understanding and professional.


    She and her colleague patiently backtracked through the years of my career history resulting in a clear and concise resume detailing my experience in the correct timeline in a professional format after just a couple of drafts. Additional templates for cover letters and other tips were also provided. I highly recommend Emma and her team.

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    Education Consultant

    I worked extensively with Emma on my CV, Cover Letter and KSC, and was very impressed with the results.


    The initial consultation was warm and clear, and the outcome was extremely professional and tailored to my requirements. I can't thank Emma enough!

  • Image by Louis Reed


    Medical Scientist

    I had tried to update my CV myself, but felt I was not capturing who I was and what I had to offer. Emma was the solution to my CV nightmare!


    She helped to formulate my career history into an engaging narrative that clearly demonstrated my value proposition to employers, and which also helped boost my confidence.

    Thanks to Emma I got a new job (with pay rise!) after only 4 weeks of looking.

  • Image by Kimberly Farmer


    Author + Copywriter

    Emma's ability to assist me in identifying and focusing on important career goals was invaluable. From having a vague idea of where I wanted to be, I was able to map out a series of short term, achievable goals.

    Emma helped me create a mind-map of what I intended to achieve as a professional writer. I am now re-branding my business and I have a new job opportunity opening up in the exact sector I wanted to be in. If you need expert mentoring and coaching, I recommend you look no further than Emma.

  • Image by Mikael Kristenson


    Director, Academic Quality

    I was completely overwhelmed writing a senior executive application for the first time in nearly 10 years until I found Rescue my Resume. I contacted Emma via email and she got back to me straight away and said we could have it finished together in 4 days. I couldn't believe my luck.

    It was like this huge weight was off me and I had someone who could help me to shine on paper. And that's what I got - a great application, CV and revamped LinkedIn profile. I got the job and everyone commented on the high quality of my application and absolutely loved the layout design. It was so worth the investment. Thanks Emma.

  • Image by Erol Ahmed


    General Manager

    Rescue my Resume articulated my key transferable skills allowing me to have a resume that is now reflective of the roles I want to pursue in a different field.

  • Sunday Market


    Public Service Manager

    Emma helped me present my offering to employers in a way that allowed me to effectively cut through and gain a new role.

    The final products and interview coaching definitely enhanced my prospects of promotion. I thoroughly recommend Emma to anyone wanting to impress a prospective employer and jump into their next role.

  • Image by Susan Yin



    Emma patiently talked through with me the several ideas I had about my career path during my career exploration session. After having several breaks to have children, I felt that I did not know quite where to start up with my career in earnest. I had also had several job rejections and her methods and support materials have helped me to regain confidence in the applications I am now sending out.

  • Image by Alexander Kovacs


    Retail Manager

    After a long career history in one organization, the time had come to explore my career options. When it came time to write my resume, I found it challenging, despite my strength in written communication, to write about myself.

    Working with Emma was an amazing experience! She was able to take all my verbal download on my career history and achievements and develop a professionally written resume that truly reflected my experience and me as an individual.


    Immediately I was noticed and contacted by several businesses after applying for only a couple of roles. I would highly recommend rescue my resume to any professional looking to stand out amongst hundreds of candidates. Emma is down to earth, is able to understand your objectives and most importantly is able to deliver an amazing product that will get you that interview for your dream role! Worked for me!

  • Image by Priscilla Du Preez


    Community Engagement + ER Specialist

    After a long career history in one organization, the time had come to explore my career options. When it came time to write my resume, I found it challenging, despite my strength in written communication, to write about myself.

    Working with Emma was an amazing experience! She was able to take all my verbal download on my career history and achievements and develop a professionally written resume that truly reflected my experience and me as an individual.

    Immediately I was noticed and contacted by several businesses after applying for only a couple of roles. I would highly recommend rescue my resume to any professional looking to stand out amongst hundreds of candidates. Emma is down to earth, is able to understand your objectives and most importantly is able to deliver an amazing product that will get you that interview for your dream role! Worked for me!

  • Coworking Space


    Brand Manager

    Emma took my skills, experience and personality and wove it into a smart and professional job application.

    I hadn’t updated my CV in years and the prospect felt really daunting. Emma built my confidence and put me in the right mindset for confidently going after what I wanted.

    The final product represented me in the best light possible. A hugely valuable service that provides me not just a great CV but the mindset I needed.

  • Computer with Graph


    Senior Research Analyst

    I wanted to start exploring new job opportunities but didn't have the time, head space or know-how to develop an eye catching resume, application and LinkedIn profile.

    After working with Emma I now have a modern resume and LinkedIn profile that really highlights my achievements and my unique selling points.

    I feel ready to apply for the right opportunity when it comes up!

  • In the Classroom


    Leading Teacher

    I had been putting off applying for new roles as writing selection criteria is so challenging for me. 

    Talking through my experiences and achievements with Emma allowed me to reflect with clarity and gain confidence for the application.

    She worked to a tight timescale and the quality of the finished product far exceeded anything I could have written independently.

  • Meeting Room


    Venue Booking Officer

    Thank you Emma, for helping me to get my dream job! When I saw this job advertised, I had a small freak out - it was absolutely perfect! I knew I had to blow them away with my CV and job application. I had to outsource to someone who knew what they were doing - Emma. This relieved me of so much pressure.


    Emma had the experience to put my strengths in proper CV terminology and worked out how to show my career gaps (due to maternity leave and living overseas). I was blown away at how good she made my CV look. I got an interview, and was offered the job the next day. I am so glad I asked for help - Emma made my CV all about my strengths.

  • government office


    Senior Manager, Public Service

    I was stuck in a job I had grown to dislike due to the managers and directors changing it, and them not understanding the complexity of the work. 

    Emma helped me see the value of the work I was doing, and how best to present that information in my resume.

    The final product was visually striking, easy to read, well organised, targeted and clear. I was confident when I provided it in job applications, and now have a new job. Thank you

  • Night Event


    Event Operations Specialist

    One of the best career investment decisions I made was engaging Emma to overhaul my resume and LinkedIn profile.

    20 years into my career (which hasn't been a clear and straight forward path) Emma was able to capture my achievements and value proposition and professionally present it in an efficient format that I'm really proud to send to potential employers. Emma is a resume and job application magician and I can't recommend her services enough!


    Student Advice Manager

    I had a CV that was overcrowded with information, a lot of it unnecessary and irrelevant, but I was overwhelmed by the task of editing it effectively. Emma gave me an elegant template and edited it down to the key elements relevant to the role I was applying for. It’s now a much cleaner, clearer read.


    It was great to discuss my professional experience and goals throughout the process helping me to clarify my skills and achievements, which has given me a greater sense of my professional experience and capability. Emma was responsive, professional, knowledgeable and lovely. And the best part - I got the job!

  • Business Meeting


    Human Resources Professional

    I was passed on the details of Rescue my Resume from a business contact and I am so impressed with the service that was provided. Rachel was professional, consultative and very responsive from initial contact right through to the final product of my resume. I would recommend this service to anyone that is looking to have their resume or Linkedin refreshed.


    The tips and feedback were very constructive and I will continue to use for my upcoming job hunt! Thanks for all your efforts, I feel very confident in finding my next role.


    Marketing & Communications Manager

    I contacted Emma for help as I was looking to change industry and her advice was invaluable. Emma helped me look at my resume in a completely different way. She helped me write my resume in a way and language that was universal whereas I’d previously had a lot of industry specific terminology.

  • SAM

    Research Analyst

    Emma was excellent at redesigning my CV and cover letter. She provided great tips and advice on how to improve my CV, especially when trying to change industries. The turnaround was very quick and the outcome was great. I highly recommend Emma if your CV or cover letter is in need of an upgrade.


    Freelance Producer

    I had a long list of freelance jobs on my resume that didn't translate to a coherent narrative for employers and I didn't know how to tell the story of my career. I didn't think anyone else, even a professional would be able to help me select what was important. The process of having to tell your story to someone who's really listening is very helpful.


    Emma took notes, reflected back what I was saying and prepared a strong new draft of my CV. Her being outside my industry was quite useful because it helped me simplify my language and list my skills in a way that made them more broadly applicable. I now have just one CV I can send out instead of several. I know my own story and can articulate my skills. The best bit was having someone to work with on such an overwhelming task. the impetus to see it through. 

  • Court



    After being made redundant from my job while on maternity leave, I was in the unenviable position of trying to secure part time work in a new workplace. I felt anxious about my prospects and overwhelmed by the process of applying for jobs.


    Emma helped me by reviewing, editing and restructuring my CV and key selection criteria, to highlight my relevant skills and experience.  She was supportive, encouraging and a pleasure to work with.  I just had my first day at my new workplace!

  • JESS

    Teacher | Office Manager

    Emma firstly helped me with updating my resume and addressing Key Selection Criteria in order to apply for a teaching position in the Department of Education. I then had her do a complete overhaul of my resume in order to apply for a job in a totally new field. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough because in both instances I received interviews and I definitely attribute this to Emma’s expertise in rewriting and updating my resume.

  • Public Speaker


    Administrator | Coach

    Having worked for myself alongside a string of what felt like unrelated jobs, I enlisted Emma's support to rescue my resume - and rescue it she did! I thought it would be difficult to position myself for new roles, but the process of sitting down with Emma, highlighting my key achievements and skills and going through my relevant experience really boosted my confidence in putting my best foot forward as a job applicant.


    Now I have a polished and professional resume that tells a cohesive story - and it's especially put my mind at ease throughout my networking efforts when I can happily say yes to the question, "Do you have a resume you can send through?"


    Emma's tips and guides have given me a great framework to use for when the right opportunity strikes too. Thanks so much for turning a dreaded task into a positive one, Emma!

  • People Working in Open Office


    Executive Assistant | Administrator

    Before meeting Emma, I thought my resume was reasonable and it had certainly helped me get good jobs in this past.  However, after meeting with her and seeing the first draft, I realised how tired and outdated it was!  Emma was able to refresh and flesh out my resume to a new high level.  She also helped me apply for a role which required responses to Key Selection Criteria.  I had never come across this before but with Emma's guidance I was able to confidently submit a solid application. 


    Going through this application process with Emma was a real confidence boost and a reminder of how valuable my skills and experience is.  This confidence set me up well to excel in the interview stage and now as a result I have a well paying position in a prestigious organisation, the likes of which I have aspired to for some time.

  • Code


    IT Professional | Test Analyst

    I've had a great experience working with Emma - she was great in breaking down my recent experience, talking through my current position and future direction, and brought my CV and LinkedIn up to a professional standard.

    Emma's consultative, collaborative approach brought much value to this process, and I'm much more confident as a result of this going into future job applications. 

  • Gavel



    Emma has a real talent for capturing her clients' objectives, skills and experience. During our face to face meeting, Emma asked relevant and probing questions to learn about my work history and she was able to assist to bring it all together in a succinct and modern resume.

    Emma's guidance throughout the other stages of the job-seeking process were invaluable. Her attention to detail, and language, when reviewing cover letters, and her tips to prepare someone for a job interview, are spot on. Thank you for your insightful, professional and up-beat support, Emma!

  • Marketing team meeting


    Communications Specialist

    My CV was becoming quite unwieldy and far too long. Having Rescue My Resume to review and streamline my CV made a huge difference. Not just because Emma made my CV more professional and concise, but I'm much more confident now when I apply for future roles.

    I'm very much looking forward to applying for new positions knowing that my work experience is clearly captured and highlighted whereas before my professional achievements seemed quite lost.

More testimonials

  • Market Analysis


    Researcher & Evaluation Specialist

    Emma provided me with a fresh way to understand and think about my work and experience. As a result, I feel like she has helped me to reconceptualise my skills. In particular, Emma considered my experience from a higher level and identified many threads to link my experience and produce "an overall package".  Emma was efficient and lovely to work with and I highly recommend her.

  • Chalkboard with Different Languages


    Language Specialist & Interpreter

    I felt really nervous about applying for jobs and rejoining the workforce after having my first child. I had lost confidence and felt out of touch with the working world. Emma helped me enormously to update my CV, write KSC and produce a great LinkedIn profile. I have actually been contacted by several employers via LinkedIn and am now working for one of them.

  • Art Gallery Open Space


    Arts Manager

    Emma did a fantastic job helping me update my CV and LinkedIn profile. I felt confident that she understood where I was in my career and what improvements I needed to make on paper to further myself professionally. Talking through my career with her was not only cathartic but gave me a great confidence boost. Her quick turnaround time was also impressive.

  • Public Speaker


    Academic | Lecturer | Researcher

    Emma’s process and product are amazing. I got two job interviews after submitting my revamped application and scored my dream job.

    I loved the way my application looked and sounded. She really knows how to highlight your achievements, even when you feel like you have none! I highly recommend her services.

  • Event Tent


    Events Coordinator

    Emma helped me get the job! She helped me with my responses to the key selection criteria and enabled me to get a better understanding of the University environment. She also prepared me for the job interview and helped me develop my LinkedIn page. Emma is very patient, easy to talk to and great at what she does. 

  • Loading Cargo


    Procurement Manager

    After being with the same company for 18 years you could safely say my CV was way out of date. I needed help! Emma helped me rejuvenate my CV, prepared a cover letter template and updated bare bones of a LinkedIn profile. She made the process really easy and comfortable and I am now a lot more confident in presenting about myself.  I got the first job I applied for, so safe to say I had a 100% success rate!

  • Office Call


    Communications Manager

    I found working with Emma really fantastic. She is an excellent listener and took everything that was rattling around in my head and translated it into a polished CV and cover letter that really sold my skills and personality. The process was invaluable for building my confidence for the next part of the process. Couldn't recommend her highly enough

  • Counseling



    After 9 years in the same position, my resume was incredibly outdated, and as a full time employee and mum, the idea of having to review and modernise it was all too much! Emma came recommended, and it was such a relief to get her support. She responded quickly and within a week or two I had a new resume. The first job I applied for I got an interview, so yes, I would definitely recommend her services!

  • Code


    IT Project Manager

    After being made redundant and having a career break, it was time to start applying for new roles again, but my CV hadn't been updated for over 8 years!

    I met with Emma and she made what I thought was going to be a painful task of extracting all relevant information regarding my career and all associated work details from my brain, a very smooth transition. She asked all the right questions, was very patient with me and when she sent me through the first draft, it was unbelievable how accurate she was with all the details. She nailed it!

    I now have a cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile that people have told me looks awesome!

  • Medical Prescription


    Pharmaceuticals Manager

    My resume was growing tired and complicated given various roles after returning to work since children. Firstly, Emma gave me a modern and clear structure which better identified and summarisee my key achievements- not to mention a font from the current century!


    Secondly and most importantly the way she approached our sessions helped me objectively review my career and roles to date. Through this I was able to better understand what was next for me and as a result I was successful in the very next role I applied for. Without this process I would not have been nearly as prepared as I was.

  • Team Meeting


    Marketing Student

    As a final year university student, I had major trouble breaking into my given industry. Emma has the ability to transform the resume of an inexperienced student into one of employable standards.


    She was able to identify the gaps in my resume and assisted me in cover letter writing and LinkedIn profiling. Following my consultation I have had opportunities never thought possible. I would recommend this service to anyone and everyone!

  • College Campus


    Academic | Senior Manager

    I had decided to apply for a job that was substantively higher than my current position. It had been years since I last updated my CV or applied for work, and I felt I needed a hand.

    Emma was very supportive at our initial consultation and my new resume and letter were excellently presented - I was very impressed at how Emma had summed up all I had talked about.

    I applied for only one job and was the successful applicant (from over 60 applicants that had made it to the first round). Emma also helped me prepare for the interviews. I am now working in the role and very grateful to Emma, as her expertise played a pivotal role in me getting the job.


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