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Imagine walking into a job interview confident that you'll be able to answer all their questions, and knowing as you walk out that you absolutely nailed it!

  • Do you 'wing' job interviews because you just don't know how to prepare?

  • Do you rote-learn example questions, but then go blank in the interview because they ask different questions?

  • Are you sick of missing out on your dream job because you bomb out in the interview?

Now imagine if you:

  • Had a simple system for preparing for job interviews, so that no matter how they ask the question, you'll have an example ready to go.

  • Understood how to effectively and proactively sell yourself in a job interview.

  • Had a range of strategies and approaches to reduce stress and increase interview confidence.

  • Wowed the panel and won that dream, next level role!

Over the last 6 years as a professional job interview coach (and resume writer) I have helped more than 100 people prepare for job interviews.

  • I have created a job interview coaching system which simplifies the preparation process so that you feel in control and confident.

  • I have helped people, from graduates to executives, find and articulate their unique selling points and achievements so that the panel selects them as the preferred candidate, even in a very competitive market.


Most people under-prepare for job interviews, and if they do prepare, focus on the wrong things!



Job Interview Confidence is a complete online training program for professionals who want to nail their next job interview and ultimately win the job.

The program will provide you with a structure and detailed support to help you:

  • plan effectively

  • prepare the right things

  • practice, evaluate and refine your responses

You will learn how to prepare an effective and engaging introduction, so that you wow them with your response to the 'tell us about yourself' question.

You will learn how to prepare for behavioural (STAR) questions so that you easily have an example, no matter what questions they ask.

You will develop responses to potential tricky and strategic questions, just in case they are asked.

You'll feel fully prepared and confident at the interview so that you win that next dream role.



  • Job Interviews 101

  • Introductory questions

  • Behavioural questions

  • Tricky and strategic questions

  • Questions to ask the panel

  • Online/video interview tips

  • Step-by-step written and video instructions and worksheets

  • Immediate program access

  • Motivational emails to keep you on track

Everything you need to prepare thoroughly for a job interview.



  • Job Interviews 101

  • Introductory questions

  • Behavioural questions

  • Tricky and strategic questions

  • Questions to ask the panel

  • Online/video interview tips

  • Step-by-step written and video instructions and worksheets

  • Immediate program access

  • Motivational emails 

  • 1 hour Interview Coaching Zoom call with Emma

Workshop and receive gentle feedback on your responses.



  • Job Interviews 101

  • Introductory questions

  • Behavioural questions

  • Tricky and strategic questions

  • Questions to ask the panel

  • Online/video interview tips

  • Step-by-step written and video instructions and worksheets

  • Immediate program access

  • Motivational emails 

  • 2 x 1 hour Interview Coaching Zoom calls 

An extra session of coaching to help you practice your responses.


Project Manager

"I enrolled in the Job Interview Confidence program because I needed to gain more confidence and skills to help me prepare for a job interview.


The program was really helpful, as I was able to plan answers using a clear structure." 


"Emma helped me to approach the interview with more confidence and to develop a succinct ‘script’ about myself and my career."

Local Government

"I needed help fine tuning my interview responses. I was really pleased with this process and it helped me feel more in control during interviews."

Admin Manager

"Just want to say thank you so much for your program and interview coaching session! It has helped me tremendously in preparing my interview and I felt more confident after our session. 

You were spot on with the types of questions being asked. Thank you so much for your help and for injecting confidence in my introvert self."


  • After you enrol you’ll receive immediate access to the online portal, which you'll have access to for 1 year.

  • You'll receive a program Workbook (for future reference), and a handy Worksheet to plan out your responses.

  • You are taught via a series of fun and engaging video lessons and step-by-step instructions and action steps.

  • You have the option of adding on a 1:1 interview coaching call with Emma - which is highly recommended!

  • During the coaching session (or sessions if you select the 2 session option) you will brainstorm your answers, then practice and receive encouraging and gentle feedback to ensure you really nail your responses. 


By the end of this lesson you'll have a good understanding of the best way to prepare for a job interview, to reduce stress and increase your confidence.


Topics include:

  • Biggest job interview mistakes.

  • Reducing stress and increasing confidence.

  • How to approach job interviews: Prepare, Plan, Practice.


By then end of this lesson you will have brainstormed, planned and know how to practice a response to introductory questions such as “Tell us about yourself and why you’re a good fit for this role”.


It covers:

  • The importance of a strong answer to introductory questions.

  • My recommended 3 part structure for your response.

  • Brainstorming prompts and examples for each section of your response.

  • Tips for length of response and how to practice and refine.


By the end of this lesson you will know how to best prepare your examples for behavioural questions, and how to structure your responses using the STAR/SAR method.


It covers:

  • What are behavioural questions.

  • Suggested structure for behavioural question response.

  • How to work out the types of questions they will ask.

  • How to brainstorm examples so that you always have one ready to go in the interview.

  • Example responses and phrasing suggestions.

  • Tips for length and how to practice and refine your responses.


By the end of this lesson you will have a good idea how to respond to potentially tricky questions.


Questions include:

  • What is your biggest weakness?

  • When did you make a mistake at work?

  • Questions around skill gaps/what you think is the biggest challenge for you in this role.

  • Questions about short roles/why you are leaving your current role.


By the end of this lesson you will know how to respond to 'strategic' questions.


Topics discussed:

  • What will be your priorities for the first 100 days in the role?

  • Your vision for the role.

  • Your thoughts on the biggest challenges for the sector.


This lesson will help you to brainstorm a range of questions to ask the panel.

It covers:

  • Categories of questions.

  • List of example questions.


This lesson will provide you with lots of tips for online (Zoom/Teams) interviews, as well as how to prepare for video screening interviews.​

It covers:

  • How to prepare for online interviews (preparation, technical considerations, on the day).

  • What are video screening interviews and how to best prepare.


Is this interview information suitable for all industries and jobs?

Yes, although it's more suited to professional roles in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, which will usually base the job interview questions on the position selection criteria.

How long do I have access for?

365 days from date of purchase. And you can download the workbook and worksheets for use at a later date.

How long will it take me to work through the program?

This will depend on you and how much work you put into planning your responses. 

As an indication, there is approximately 80 minutes of video content for you to watch, with accompanying written instructions and a worksheet for you to plan out your answers. Then you also need to practice!


So I would estimate you could work through the program and prep for an interview, including practice time, in approximately 3-4 hours.

What if I need extra help?

You can get extra assistance from Emma by purchasing the program with add-on interview coaching Zoom call/s


What happens in a Coaching Zoom Call?

During this one hour Zoom call we can workshop content and practice your interview responses, with particular attention to the introductory question and behavioural questions. You can ask questions and Emma will provide you with gentle feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Can I purchase the Coaching Zoom call later?

Yes! You can start with the Job Interview Confidence program only option and add on an editing session later for an additional $247. There is a link to add this on within the program resources.

What if I don't want to do the program and just want 1:1 coaching?

You can purchase the program with 2 x interview coaching sessions ($497) and just let Emma know that you don't wish to access the online program. She will then talk you through everything during your 2 coaching calls.

It's time to take control and ace your next job interview!

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