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  • Do you need help articulating your skills and achievements to really sell yourself at a job interview?

  • Do you want to feel confident that you are answering the interview questions in the best possible way?

Job interview coaching will help you feel in control and confident - and help you to sell your self so that you are their preferred candidate!

You'll learn how to respond to the introductory "Tell us about yourself" type questions, tricky questions, and Behavioural (situation, action, result or STAR) questions - with lots of sensitive and gentle feedback from Emma to get you to where you need to be.

  • 2 hours of interview coaching via Zoom with tailored support emails after each call

  • Comprehensive tip sheets

  • 1 year access to Job Interview Confidence program

  • $507



You’ll receive:

  • A pre-meeting chat to discuss your needs and any interview issues that you may have faced in the past.

  • Job interview coaching with Emma via Zoom (2 hours). This includes:

    • discussion about general interview tips and approaches.

    • planning and practicing the 'tell us about yourself' type of question.

    • planning questions to ask them, tricky question responses, and approaches for responding to strategic questions.

    • work-shopping of your responses to each likely behavioural question.

    • mock interview questions where you get to practice your responses and receive feedback.

  • You may record the coaching sessions if you wish.

  • Follow up email after each coaching session summarising what we discussed.

  • Detailed interview tips sheets including likely questions for common key selection criteria, which will help you prepare for future job interviews.

  • 1 year of access to the Job Interview Confidence program, so that you can refresh what you learned in coaching for future interviews.


Susan, NFP CEO

Emma's job interview training, including help with my Board presentation, gave me enourmous confidence going into the job interviews. I wouldn't have got the job I wanted without her.

Susy, Executive Director

I really appreciate all the support you provided, it's given me a much clearer sense on my strengths and how to better communicate them. I progressed really well through the interview process.

Vanessa, Comms Manager

I was successful in landing several interviews but it wasn’t until I did an interview coaching session with Emma that I was offered a job. She helped me approach the interview with more confidence and to develop a succinct ‘script’ about myself and my career. Job hunting can be stressful and exhausting but with Emma’s guidance I felt more positive about the experience and I’m sure that came across in the interview.


What do you need from me? Do I need to prepare?

I'll ask you to send me your resume and the job ad/position description so that I can prepare for your job interview coaching sessions. I'll also send you some tips and pre-work questions to think about, so that you can make the most of your session.

Can I do the 2 hours of coaching in one session?

Yes! However, most people prefer to do 2 x 1 hour sessions, as this gives them time to practice their responses between the sessions, for extra feedback. But if you don't have time to fit in two sessions, one longer coaching session is a great option. You'll still feel fully prepared! 

I have an interview this week. Can you fit me in?

I usually have same week availability. You can check availability and book your consult here

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