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What does a simple resume template look like in Australia?

The internet and modern apps such as Canva are great, but what if you just want a simple resume template that is easy to complete and doesn't require amazing tech skills?

simple resume template

And one that is suited for applying for jobs in Australia. (Most online resume resources are north American. In Australia we do our resumes a little differently.)

Resume templates should be simple.

But even free Word resume templates are complicated, with lots of text boxes and tables that require an advanced knowledge of the program to keep it looking nice!

So, what can you do? Simple!

Follow these steps to create your very own simple resume template suitable for jobs in Australia

Step 1: Open a new, plain blank Microsoft Word document.

Step 2: Cut and paste these headings in:

  • Profile

  • Key Skills

  • Key Achievements

  • Career Summary

  • Career History

  • Education

  • Professional Development

  • Volunteer Work

  • Technical Skills

  • References

Step 3: Add a horizontal line before each of the section headings, and add in space for you to complete each section later.

Step 4: Select All, then change the font to Calibri or Arial size 11 in very dark grey.

Step 5: Change the section headings to bold size 12 in a highlight colour of your choice. (Blue, Black, Green etc.)

Step 6: Double click the Header and then select 'Different first page'. Then Add your name and contact details to the page 1 header.

Step 7: Cut and paste your old resume information into your new template and use the format painter function to ensure the formatting is the changed.

Step 8: Complete all sections.

Voila! You now have a simple resume template suitable for applying for jobs in Australia.

 Access the on-demand Resume Rescue Masterclass for some free advice on what to include in each section of your resume.
Or enrol in Not Just a Resume Template for a simple but beautiful looking template with detailed support on how to complete it!

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