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Unlock the Secret to a Standout Cover Letter

Most people spend a lot of time focusing on their resume, and disregard the importance of a quality cover letter.

A cover letter is your chance to make a great first impression on a potential employer and set yourself apart from the competition.

But how do you write one that catches the hiring manager's attention?

Here are my top secrets to a standout cover letter:

Customise your letter to the job

A generic cover letter won't cut it in today's competitive job market. Take the time to research the company and job description, and tailor your cover letter to the specific role and company. Use keywords from the job description selection criteria to show that you understand the job requirements and can meet them.

Start with a strong opening

Your opening paragraph should grab the reader's attention and clearly highlight what unique skills you bring to a role or organisation. Plus the opening should show your enthusiasm for the role and organisation.

Showcase your achievements

Your cover letter is not just a summary of your resume. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your achievements, with a few specific ones from your current and/or previous role.

Highlight your skills

This part is the real secret to a killer cover letter: finish the letter by reiterating your top 3 skills – in dot point form! Literally tell them in 3 dot points why they should hire you. Make sure they align with the job selection criteria and really sell your unique selling points.

Writing a standout cover letter does require a bit of time and effort, but it's so important to customise it and showcase your skills, achievements, and enthusiasm for the job.

If you want my cover letter template that covers all of this, enrol in the Not Just a Resume Template Program. You'll get immediate access to my resume and cover letter templates, with detailed instructions on how to complete them.

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