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What NOT to include in your resume or CV

Usually when I write a blog post I talk about what you need to include in your resume or CV.

I talk through expected sections and best practice for a modern, professional resume suited to the Australian market.

But today I'm going to tell you the top 6 things that you should leave OFF your resume.

Here's what NOT to include in your resume or CV:

The words 'resume' or 'CV'

You just need your name and contact details at the top of page 1 of your resume; you don't need to say it's your resume (this is self evident and will be in the file name).

And you definitely don't need a cover page saying 'Curriculum Vitae of XXXXX'. This is very 1980s! (Yes, I still see resumes with a cover page.)

Your address / location

This may cause unintentional bias in the recruitment process. Best to leave it off.

You don't want the hiring manager making assumptions about you based on where you live. It's none of their business!

Your date of birth

Again, this may cause bias in the recruitment process.

Your age (young or old, whatever that means!) might impact the hirer's decisions to interview - either intentionally or unintentionally.

So best to leave it off.

Your high school / year 12 education details

Unless you are a recent graduate of high school, there is no need to list your year 12 in your Education section.

Just put any completed tertiary education.

Don't have any tertiary degrees? Just delete the Education section and have a Training/Professional Development section instead.

Your interests

I know some people like to include an Interests section, and I agree it can add interest (!) and make your resume more quirky (good if you are applying in a more creative organisation).

However, for most people I don't recommend having an interests section. Focus on your skills and achievements and what you bring to a role, rather than what you get up to in your personal life.

Every job you have ever done

You need to curate your resume - no-one wants to read about a job you did 25 years ago!

I recommend going back 10-12 years in your career history section (for most people this is listing 3-4 roles), and listing older roles in a career summary section.

If your relevant roles were further in the past, have a 'relevant career history' section instead, and just list the relevant 3-4 roles.

So now you know what not to put in your resume or CV.

Need to know what to include?

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