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7 cover letter tips to get you noticed

Did you know that the majority of job applicants don't even bother to submit a cover letter with their CV? And they probably wonder why they don't get interviews...

So how do you stand out from the crowd? In addition to the biggest tip - actually submit a cover letter - here are 7 cover letter tips to get you noticed and get you that interview:

#1 Call to find out the contact person's name rather than write 'to whom it may concern'.

#2 Use the same template as your CV (name at top, same font) so the documents look the same/match.

#3 Express enthusiasm for the role and an understanding of the organisation in the first paragraph.

#4 Discuss your most relevant experience and skills in the second paragraph.

#5 In the following paragraph discuss the rest of the key selection criteria/skills required and give an example of how you meet them. Use the language from the job ad/position description.

#6 Keep it to one page unless you are asked to respond directly to the key selection criteria in the cover letter.

#7 Bold your key skills that match the key selection criteria to make the letter easier to read.


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