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4 steps to a winning Cover Letter

A cover letter can be the most important part of your job application. It's often the first thing the employer will read, so it's important that it's impactful and easy to read.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. They may be reading literally hundreds of applications. So it's important that your letter gets straight to the point and highlights your key selling points.

So how do you write a cover letter that will ensure you win a job interview?

1. The basics

  • Keep it short - 1 page is best.

  • Use a clean, readable font that matches your resume (your resume header with your name and contact details can be your letterhead).

  • Find out the name and job title of the person you need to address the letter to. Call up and ask if you can't work this out from the job ad or LinkedIn.

2. Strong first paragraph

  • Summarise who you are in a sentance or two (amend your resume's profile).

  • Express excitement for the role and organisation and state why you and your skills would be a great match.

3. A bit of history but keep it achievements focused!

  • No-one wants to read an essay about you!

  • Limit the detail in the letter to high level information about your current role and what you have acheived, and perhaps some information about one previous role if it's relevant.

4. Sell yourself!

  • Use three bullet points to sell your top three skills/selling points.

  • Bold key words and make sure they align with the key selection criteria for the role.

For exampe: If selected I would immediately contribute:

  1. Strong administration skills with...

  2. Exceptional interpersonal skills and a collaborative approach...

  3. Excellent specialist skills, with demonstrated...


Follow these steps and you'll be sure to win yourself an interview.

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