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Best resume writing service in Australia?

If you have been searching for a resume writer to help you uplift your resume and move your career to the next level, then you may have Googled 'best resume writing service Australia' or similar.

And you may have come across this article by Arielle Executive which lists the12 Best Resume Writing Services In Australia (2023).

Now while I am thrilled to be on it, I'll start by saying that it's a very subjective list!

Many of the thousands of other resume writers in Australia are also very good at what they do.

And I regularly refer prospective clients to other resume writers.

Why? I’m not always the right person to help. For example, I don't tend to do corporate finance resumes or graduate resumes. I specialise in government, university and not-for-profit resumes, usually at the management level.

(Plus, I'm not always available. I only work with 1-2 Next Level Career package clients a week.)

That's why I always recommend booking in a free discovery call before purchasing the Next Level Career Package.

My free discovery calls really are obligation-free.

I’ll listen to understand your situation, then give you frank advice about how I could help and if I think I’m the right resume writer for you.

If I'm not the right person, I have a network of other resume writers that I can refer you to.

Here are just a few other resume writers that I regularly refer clients to:

You could also search on LinkedIn to find hundreds of other options.

If you do wish to work with me to uplift your resume, these are 2 options that I offer:

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