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  • Not confident that your resume is up to standard or really selling you?

  • Need help finessing the content and brainstorming your professional profile, key skills and achievements (yes, you need all these in your resume).

The Resume Rescue collaborative consult with Emma will give your resume – and your confidence – a major boost.

You’ll end up with an edited resume (and lots of suggestions for further edits) ensuring you are ready to win your next dream job.

This is perfect for you if you are applying for a professional role and need some help to ensure your resume is high quality - so that you win the job interview!

  • One hour Zoom call - you'll be amazed at what we can do in an hour!

  • Edits and suggestions

  • Draft professional profile

  • $247

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You’ll receive:

  • 1 hour collaborative Zoom call with Emma where we’ll review, discuss and edit your Resume live on the call.

  • Support and encouragement to brainstorm your unique selling points, which we’ll then use to write your professional profile together.

  • Discussion and suggestions on the types of key skills to include in your resume.

  • Support and encouragement to brainstorm and write key career achievements.

  • Feedback on the remainder of your resume including design, sections/structure, grammar, and content (for example, how far to go back).

  • Discussion and advice on how to represent things like career breaks or a career change.


Mel, Branding Consultant

Needing to get my resume sorted asap I booked in for the Resume Rescue session. I spent about half an hour beforehand doing a basic update to my resume and reading over the criteria for the job I’m applying for. Emma quickly got up to speed with where I’m at and clarified my job profile, then worked her way down reorganising my resume, adding and editing as we spoke. I would have never picked apart my resume without her support – it’s 90% finished and I am now motivated and have direction to add the final tweaks and prepare for an interview (that I feel much more confident about also)! Can’t recommended highly enough – especially for those short on time!


Do I need to have the Rescue my Resume template?

No, you can bring your existing resume to the Resume Rescue consult.


However, if it is very out of date, is a poor design and/or doesn't include a Professional Profile, Key Skills or Key Achievements section, then I STRONGLY recommend purchasing the Not Just a Resume Template first. This will ensure you get the most out of the session.

What can I expect at the end of the Resume Rescue Hour of Power? Will my resume be ready to submit for a new job?

I will make live edits to your resume (using Word track changes) during the consult, and will make minor design and formatting changes. I will email you a tracked and clean version of your Resume after the call, however you will still probably need to do some further work on it yourself (based on my advice). I suggest setting aside an hour after the call to work on finalising your resume!


During the session we will workshop your Professional Profile (who you are and your unique selling points) and draft this. You may wish to tinker with the wording afterwards, but it will be a pretty good draft. We will workshop your Key Skills, but again, you may wish to tinker with them and flesh them out after the call. We will workshop some Key Achievements and will have time to write a couple together. However, we won't have time to write Achievements for every role, so you will need to do this after the call if you don't already have them on your resume. I will make minor suggestions about grammar and language (for example, using active verbs at the start of each sentence), but will not have time to edit the whole document.

How quickly can you fit me in?

I usually have same week availability and you can check availability and book online here.

What if I just want you to write the whole thing for me?

I offer the Next Level Career package, for senior professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career. I take the weight off your shoulders and write the whole thing for you, as well as provide coaching support. 

Can you review my LinkedIn instead of my Resume?

Absolutely! We can spend the Resume Rescue consult reviewing your LinkedIn profile and updating it live on the call (if you grant me access). Just like in the Resume version, we will workshop and draft your new Professional Profile (About section). We will also update your URL, review your images, update your Headline, review your job entries (Experience section), update your Education, Skills and other sections. We will also talk about how to use LinkedIn.