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4 organisations helping mums get back to work

To celebrate International Women's Day I thought I would share some of the wonderful businesses in Australia that are helping women get back into the workforce after children - apart from Rescue my Resume!

Seeking part-time or flexible work, a family-friendly workplace or the confidence to return to work can be hard. So check out these four organisations which can help you with the journey.

For mums in Sydney and Melbourne, the Puffling platform helps you find your perfect job share partner then go for a full time role together. As the Puffling site says: it's kinda like match-making, only everyone's really busy balancing brand guidelines with school runs.

Based in Preston in Melbourne's north, Happy Hubbub is a coworking space (work hub or shared office) with on-site childcare. The first of its kind, the Hubbub allows working parents to combine business and family life, especially those with children in the early learning years. Perfect if you run your own business or have remote working arrangements and don't know what to do with the kids!

Just Mums Recruitment is Australia’s first full service recruitment agency connecting return-to-work and working mums with flexible employment, proudly partnering with family-friendly employers of all sizes.

Fitted for Work is a not-for-profit organisation helping women experiencing disadvantage to break through barriers to get and keep work. They prepare women for work mentally and physically and provide them with practical skills required to take their place in the workforce. They offer personal outfitting with quality second hand work-appropriate outfits; interview coaching; mentoring; and resume hubs.


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