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Fix your LinkedIn profile in 5 easy steps

Whether you love or hate social media, LinkedIn profiles are a necessary tool in today's job search market. Recruiters use LinkedIn for headhunting purposes and to check you out after you have submitted a job application.

Your LinkedIn profile should include similar information to your CV but with less detail, and like your CV, should be tailored to the type of job/s you are applying.

Below are some 5 LinkedIn tips to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. A killer (key word optimised) headline

Your headline (the statement at the top of your profile) should include any key words that a recruiter might use when searching for people like you. Going for Policy Analyst jobs? Ensure your headline includes these terms but also add in similar or other job titles that might be searched on. For example: Policy Analyst | Advisor | Project Manager.

Your headline defaults to your current job title and workplace, which can look messy and probably won't get you found in searches. So make the effort to update it.

2. Add Images

While you don’t need to get a professional photo taken, make sure that it looks professional and projects the image that you want in the workplace. (Maybe have a photo shoot with a friend!)

It’s also a good idea to add a background image that matches your profession. Google ‘LinkedIn cover image’ for lots of free images that you can use.

3. Nail that Summary (your Profile)

The Summary (or Profile) section appears directly below your headline and needs to tell people who you are. You should start with your Professional Profile from your CV, and then add in a summary of your Key Skills.

4. Edit your URL

LinkedIn allocates you a long URL that includes your name and lots of numbers, which looks quite messy. This can be easily edited from your profile, and then you can include the (much prettier) link in your CV with your contact details.

5. Switch on 'Looking for Work'

To show recruiters and potential employers that you are looking for work, you can switch 'on' the 'Let recruiters know you are open' button, which is just under Career Interests in your profile. This means you don't need to write that you are looking for work in your headline.

Obviously don't turn this on if your current employer isn't aware you are looking for work elsewhere!


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