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5 of the Best Linkedin Headlines: Tips for improving your Headline

5 of the best LinkedIn headlines

Did you know that you can update your LinkedIn headline (which defaults to your current job title and organisation) so that it incorporates keywords AND conveys your unique selling proposition?

A good LinkedIn headline should grab the reader's attention, clearly communicate what you do and why you're great at it.

My biggest LinkedIn headline tips are to start with keywords, then add in your value proposition or what's unique about you.

Check out these 5 examples of 'winning' LinkedIn headlines, and then try to create your very own best practice headline using this format and tips.

  1. Sales + Business Development Leader | Award-winning sales executive with a passion for building strong customer relationships

  2. Marketing + Communications Specialist | Creative marketing manager skilled in developing and executing successful campaigns

  3. Project Manager | Program Management | Results-driven with expertise in leading cross-functional teams

  4. Innovative software engineer with a focus on developing cutting-edge technology solutions

  5. HR / ER Leadership | Dedicated Human Resources professional committed to building inclusive and diverse work environments

Each of these headlines are packed with keywords and succinctly communicate the individual's area of expertise, experience, and value proposition to potential employers.

They are attention-grabbing and memorable, making it more likely that the individual's profile will stand out in a sea of other LinkedIn profiles.

I love helping my clients to update their LinkedIn profile and create a catchy (and keyword packed) headline.

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