All about looks

What font is your resume? Times New Roman? Does it have borders and lots italics, underlining and strange formatting?

While the design of your resume is nowhere near as important as the content, having a clean, clear and modern design across all your job application documentation can really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine you are reading 100 job applications. I think you'll agree that the resume and cover letter that are easy to read, with clear sections and matching formatting are more likely to grab your attention.

However just downloading a pretty looking template from the web won't necessarily cut it either.

The majority of resume templates found online are suited to the North American market. They usually include a photo and are only 1-2 pages long, with fairly minimal detail.

In Australia it isn't recommended to include a photo, and generally more detailed information is expected, after a clear summary front page.

For more on resume length and the 'summary' front page, check out this blog post on The 1 page resume.

There is also the concern that information in text boxes won't get picked up by Applicant Tracking Software, which a lot of organisations use to pre-scan applications. If your document can't be read by the computer (and key sections and words found), then your application won't even be read by a human.

For more information on Applicant Tracking Software, check out this post on Keywords 101.

So how do you ensure your resume looks good, is suitable for the Australian market AND gets through the Applicant Tracking Software?