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I love reading motivational self-help books and I've recently completed a life coaching course. What do the two things have in common?

Making a change to your life requires self awareness, goal setting, then making that one first step towards change.

A small change can snowball into a completely changed life.

This got me thinking about those first steps that can help you change the career side of your life.

Many people are stuck in a job that they hate but can't see a way out.

There might be external blocks (you have a mortgage to pay) and there might also be a lack of motivation (it's all too hard; you are comfortable despite being unhappy). Or you might like your job but are no longer feeling challenged or valued, but you can't see a way forward.

So how can you remove the blocks or find the motivation to make a change?

The easiest way is to make one small change, then another. Breaking down a larger goal (I want to find a career that I love) into smaller steps will feel less overwhelming and more achievable. You can tick of the steps as you go which will help with your motivation, and the next thing you know you'll have made some HUGE changes without realising it!

So here are some ideas for that first step that could dramatically change your working life:

  • Book an appointment with a career or life coach [feel free to contact me for coaching and I can also recommend some other amazing coaches].

  • Book a meeting with your manager to discuss your career. Be honest with them about how you are feeling and your ideas for career progression.

  • Stop working overtime or checking your emails after hours.

  • Stop procrastinating: Switch off your email and Facebook and get through your to-do list.

  • Read a career-focused motivational book [try your local library].

  • Book in a professional development course or investigate a TAFE/University course of interest.

  • Create or update your LinkedIn profile.

  • Update your resume [and seek professional assistance if required. I can help!].

  • Sign up for job alerts [from organisations of interest, SEEK, LinkedIn].

  • Book in a networking coffee with a contact to discuss their career/organisation and hopefully receive some useful career advice.

  • Reach out to someone to be your career mentor.

  • Create a 'Career Club' with your friends. It's just like a book club except instead of talking about books you workshop your careers.

Taking that one first step can quickly snowball into some bigger changes.

You'll note that lots of my suggestions above involve talking to others. It's a great idea to talk to a professional, a friend or family member about your career and life goals and blocks. An outside perspective can be invaluable.

So what are you waiting for? Do something now!


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