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Google Yourself

Google yourself.

No really, do it. (I'll give you a minute.)

Are you surprised by how much of your life is online and how much information can be accessed by others?

The first thing most potential employers will do is Google you. So you need to clean up your online presence as much as you can!

Tips for cleaning up your online presence:

#1 Make sure you have a quality, complete LinkedIn profile with a professional looking photo (no photos of you at the races!) and up-to-date information including a snappy headline and summary profile. It's better to have no LinkedIn profile than an incomplete and/or out of date one.

#2 Consider the companies/people that you follow and post relevant industry related news/articles.

#3 Set any other social media accounts such as Facebook to private (so only connections can view your history) - or post under a pseudonym. Or if you want to keep them public, hide any embarrassing/inappropriate posts.

#4 Make sure any personal websites/blogs are up-to-date and delete any old/unused sites.


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